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Granite Worktops

Homeowners are using granite worktops more frequently in their new homes and remodeled kitchens. Granite worktops increase the value beauty and durability of their homes. Granite is durable, second only to diamonds for durability. Granite comes from a variety of countries. Since it is formed in nature it comes in many colors and patterns. Due […]

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  Suppliers of Premium granite & quartz worktops

Modern Kitchen Worktops – So Much Variety

There is so much to choose from in kitchen worktops today. There is a product for almost every budget and size of kitchen. Manufacturers keep raising the bar and creative new solutions appear each year. A variety of materials are used in their construction. Each material has its strengths and it’s a great idea to […]

The Many Uses Of Granite

Since humans have had the ability to build and construct things of beauty, granite has been the medium of choice, if you wanted something to last. Whether you were building a decorative statue or you needed a durable counter top; granite has always been the answer. Granite is a naturally occurring igneous rock, found in […]

What Can Granite Suppliers Offer You And Your Home?

Some of the benefits that can be provided by the right granite supplier might surprise you, especially when taking your home into consideration. Many people tend to look at granite countertops as something only the wealthy can afford, but, really, you will find that it is something you can’t afford NOT to have in your […]

Black Galaxy: The King’s Choice

The choice of Egyptian pharaohs and Indian Kings, Black Galaxy an igneous rock, is the Cadillac of granite. Offering allure and endurance, this granite originating from Ongole, Andhra Pradesh in India was selected for use in temples and tombs. Raja Raja Chola, a King driven by religion to build granite temples of redemption, forged the […]

Manufactured Angola black granite worktops

SPM Granite are suppliers of Kitchen Worktops premium Quartz Worktops and granite worktops at affordable prices Today we finished manufacturing an angola granite worktop, for us to achieve a high standard of work we started this job with a large (scant) 2900×1900 we then lay the slab on our bridge saw where we check the […]

The Odd Independence Of Quartz Worktops

The lock stuck, the sink clogged all the time, and the air conditioner crashed twice a month in the summer. But the quartz worktops stood apart. The landlord had done little in the way of preparing the apartment for its new tenant and the counters had some sort of dried substance that I would rather […]