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Granite Worktops – Serving Practically And Aesthetically

Installing granite worktops can change the entire ambiance of a living space, whether featured in an office, kitchen, or bathroom. Opting in favor of these elegant countertops is a one-step move that can instantly give a room the facelift it needs as well as meet a variety of needs. The material is ideal for all […]

Granite Suppliers – Making Renovation Dreams Come True

Your long awaited renovation is under way and you are trying to determine which granite suppliers will be best for the job. You’ve been browsing magazines and websites for your favorite countertops and have decided that granite is exactly what you want. Now all you need is a supplier you can trust to work with […]

Kitchen Worktops

Any one who spends any time at all in a kitchen knows that kitchen worktops can make or break your kitchen décor.  A great kitchen worktop not only makes your kitchen more functional but, more attractive as well.  Because kitchen worktops are so expensive you need to really give the type of kitchen worktops you […]

Cosmos Granite Worktops

SPM Granite has been busy this week with templating, manufacturing and installing worktops, today our fitters have installed this beautiful stargate granite worktop this particular material has been proving very popular as you can see why from the pictures below.

Black Galaxy granite kitchen worktops with upstands

  SPM Granite installed this beautiful black galaxy worktop with a butler sink cut-out and a hob cut-out with upstands all round  

Create An Air Of Elegance With Beautiful Quartz Worktops

An elegant and beautiful worktop will add to the serene atmosphere of an admirably designed living or work space. Quality quartz worktops are durable and will add a touch of elegance to any kitchen, bathroom, office or other area needing counter space. Consumers who demand variety, when decorating an interior, will have a wide selection […]

A Variety Of Black Granite Worktops

Whether you are remodeling the business office or the kitchen, black granite makes an elegant choice that will add a valuable and stylish finish. It is sleek, classic, and functionally practical. A choice in favor of black granite countertops is sure not to disappoint. Unlike decorating trends that come and go, black granite is a […]

Premium Black Galaxy granite worktops Fitted

SPM Granite fitted this beautiful Black galaxy worktop we have just recieved a container of galaxy scants as this material is selling out fast and we are sure to sell alot of this colour coming upto the christmas rush.

Popular Choices For Kitchen Worktops

No one knows better than the family cook how important good quality kitchen worktops are. There are a variety of expectations they must meet in order to allow a kitchen to function at its best. They must be capable of withstanding hot dishes and pans and of holding up under heavy appliances like mixers and […]

Steel grey granite worktops proving popular

Since SPM Granite recieved our new stock of steel grey granite scants we have been receiving alot of quotes for this material so if you are looking for a granite worktop that looks fantastic and at a competitive price then this is the material for you. Try our: FREE ONLINE QUOTATION