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Star Galaxy Granite And How It’s Made

Granite is widely used and most revered by home owners, not only for its durability, but also for its sleek, sophisticated style. One of the more popular types of granite, today, are the star galaxy granites. These granites are especially sought after, perhaps for the intricate patterns and the way in which they are formed. […]

Black Granite Worktops

If you like to do any kind of wood craving or building you probably have a workshop and doesn’t a black granites work top sound like a good idea? The problem with most work tops is that they can be damaged by the projects you are doing. Think about it if you are completing a […]

Compac Chocolat quartz worktop

SPM Granite installed this beautiful Compac Chocolat quartz with two undermount sinks drainer grooves and a breakfast bar with a large curve  

Kitchen Worktop Suppliers

Your kitchen worktop not only enhances the beauty of your kitchen but, needs to be functional as well, that is why when that worktop becomes pitted and worn that most people begin looking for a new kitchen work top.  Luckily there are many different kitchen worktop suppliers who handle many different types of kitchen worktops. […]

Kashmir White granite worktops

SPM granite installed this kashmir white granite worktop with a under-mount sink and drainer grooves and 100 mm high upstands.

Black galaxy bullnose worktops

SPM Granites fitting team has had a busy day installing this black galaxy kitchen worktop with a half bullnose edge detail fully templated, manufactured, delivered and installed by SPM Granite if you would like to Contact us for a Free quote.

Baltic brown granite worktops

Granite worktops Baltic Brown Granite Worktops Installed

The Variety Of Kitchen Counter Tops

Remodeling can be a very tricky business. The appropriate materials need to be picked out. Space, colors, and patterns especially need to be taken into account. Remodeling a kitchen is no different than remodeling anything else when it comes to this. This is especially true when it comes to kitchen counter tops. There are many […]

Black galaxy countertops

Black galaxy worktops are proving popular we recently recieved a container of galaxy scants so we have a good amount in stock for the xmas rush and as you can see from the pictures below this galaxy is of the highest grade thanks to our inspector sourcing these blocks of galaxy.

White quartz worktops

SPM Granites fitting team installed this stunning white artico quartz worktop with a undermount sink cut-out and drainer grooves with a mitred end panel. SPM Granite are extremely busy so we advise any customers to submit there orders asap so we can get them all completed before xmas we are also taking orders for January. […]