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Black Galaxy kitchen worktops

SPM Granite installed this black galaxy worktop with a square undermount sink cut-out , 100 mm high upstands with a window sill and a bow front hob run.  

Angola Black granite worktops

SPM Granite recently installed this angola black granite worktop this worktop has a cut-out for a butler sink with a set of drainer grooves, including upstands all round and including four window sills

Choosing The Right Bar Worktops

Chosing the right bar worktops can be a challenge due to the variety of materials and styles that are readily available on the market today. Getting just the right bar worktops for your kitchen or entertaining room is just a simple matter of measurement, deciding on the right material, and getting the right people to […]

Granite Kitchen Worktops Heading To The Top

For most people the kitchen is the most important room in the house and granite kitchen worktops will take your boring kitchen to the top. Why would you want these hard countertops? It all starts with their appearance. There may be nothing better than cut and polished granite kitchen countertops. In a rustic setting the […]