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Are Granite Worktops Worth The Money?

There is little doubt that granite worktops are beautiful to look at and can turn even the most ordinary kitchen into something extraordinary but when all is said and done are granite worktops really worth the money?


Granite worktops often last the life of the property.  They are heat resistant, easy to clean, difficult to scratch, nick, or ding. Most granite worktops often look as good as new 20 years after installation with very little maintenance.  Chances are if you own your home for 40 years you will never have to replace your granite worktop.


Wood and laminated worktops on the other hand, often start showing wear and tear after a few years.  Colors often start to fade, stains appear, and oftentimes there are dings and even nicks in your counter top. These types of worktops are also less resistant to heat as any who has ever had a teenager set a hot pan off the stove onto the counter top can attest to.  They can after a time also be extremely difficult to keep clean and germ free.  People who own laminated or wood worktops often end up changing these types of worktops at least twice in the same 40 year period.


If you compare the price of granite worktops to those of wood and laminated worktops and their replacement costs over the life of the counter top then you will see that granite worktops are really no more expensive than other types of worktops that have to replaced more often.  In addition, you won’t be shut out of your kitchen for a day or more because you have to install new countertops.


What is extremely interesting is those companies that sell laminate worktops, will rush to tell you that they now manufacture laminates that “look just like granite” from a distance.  If granite worktops were the best choice, then why would these companies want to make their kitchen and bathroom worktops look like granite?  It simply doesn’t make sense.


When you compare granite to most other worktops that are available you will discover that granite has many advantages over those other worktops.

? Granite worktops look better and last longer.

? They are more environmentally friendly

? They require less maintenance

? They are easier to keep germ free

? They make your home look better and improve your homes value

So decide for yourself, are granite worktops worth the money?

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