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How To Choose A Bar Worktop

When choosing a worktop for your bar, it is essential that you take into account several factors.

The first thing on most people’s lists of considerations is the cost. Just as there are many different materials that these worktops can be made from, there are just as many variations in the cost of each type of material. You can have your bar top made out of anything from wood or granite to various levels of laminate.

When cost is the main concern behind the installation of a new bar worktop, a laminate top is the obvious choice. In addition to having the lowest cost amongst its competitors, it also will provide you with the highest number of colors and patterns to choose from. This practically guarantees you a perfect match to the rest of your décor. However, the downside is that they are more easily damaged and less resilient than other surfaces.

If you’re looking for something that provides a more warm, homey feel for your bar, you may want to consider a wood worktop. If your worktop is going to be used for more than just a decorative surface (for example, you intend to do any food preparation on the surface), you should opt for something with an end grain surface, where the wood is cut into several pieces and then laid up on end one against the other to provide a rougher work surface that is less susceptible to damage.

The downside to choosing to use wood as your bar worktop is that, in order to ensure that it will be kept safe from damage caused by the food preparation and/or to keep it the wood from becoming dry and cracked, it requires a little more maintenance in the form of oils and/or waxes.

While the cost to put a laminate or wood worktop on your bar may be a little bit less, many people are now considering granite as their surface of choice. The benefit of using a granite surface combines the pattern and color choices of laminate with the durability of wood, all with little to no maintenance or upkeep.

Granite comes in many different natural color and texture patterns that offer neutrality, so they are sure to be compatible with their surroundings. If you need your bar worktop to provide you with resilience and longevity, granite is the choice for you. Not only is it scratch and stain resistant, but it also resists mold and mildew because of its non-porous surface.

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