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Star Galaxy Granite And How It’s Made

Granite is widely used and most revered by home owners, not only for its durability, but also for its sleek, sophisticated style. One of the more popular types of granite, today, are the star galaxy granites. These granites are especially sought after, perhaps for the intricate patterns and the way in which they are formed.

Star galaxy granite patterns are characterized by having a deep, rich black, flecked with small pinpoints of bronze. This patterning gives it a ‘star field’ effect, much like the graphics that one might see on a computer’s screen saver. This granite is a naturally occurring rock in nature.

Granites can be many different colors, from pink to black, depending on the chemistry and minerals trapped in the layers. One of the reasons that star galaxy granites are prized is that when they are mined they are often found in large, massive slabs. Its density is one of the thickest of the granites and it can withstand temperature fluctuations.

As far as scientists have discovered, granite is only found on Earth and is actually part of the continental crust. It is the most widely abundant type of rock found on the planet. Star galaxy granite tends to be less wide spread and thus this particular type of rock is highly prized.

Not only can the frequency of the material affect the pricing of a granite feature, but also the way in which the black galaxy is finished and processed. A smoother finish requires longer processing time. If the granite is going to be used as a counter top, as most tend to be, then it will have to be sealed on top of the finishing process. Most countertops are custom made to fit the space and so one must consider this and factor it into the time required to create the product.

Star galaxy granites tend to be quite durable once they are finished. They are harder than the ordinary kitchen knife and care must be taken not to cut directly on the counter as it tends to dull the edges on the knife. However, cutting something on the countertop will not harm it in the least.

Likewise, since star galaxy granite originally came from deep inside the Earth, the stone is extremely impervious to hot temperatures. It cannot be affected by placing a hot pan on its surface. Not even a lit flame placed under the granite will have a melting effect.

One of the best characteristics of star galaxy granite types is that they do not stain. Some other types of granite colorations may have a tendency to accept stains, but star galaxy granites do not, in fact they do not show any moisture marks.

Star galaxy granites are among some of the best choices for home décor. Beautiful, durable, impressive, this granite type is one that once installed becomes a focal point in any residence.

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