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Black Galaxy: The King’s Choice

The choice of Egyptian pharaohs and Indian Kings, Black Galaxy an igneous rock, is the Cadillac of granite. Offering allure and endurance, this granite originating from Ongole, Andhra Pradesh in India was selected for use in temples and tombs.

Raja Raja Chola, a King driven by religion to build granite temples of redemption, forged the temples using more stone to construct than the pyramids at Giza, which involved hauling the granite over 50 miles by river raft from the quarry. Legend tells of jealous gods becoming so enraged at the granite’s beauty that they directed a flood to engulf the city which submerged six temples, leaving just one on the shore.

Only found on Earth, granite is an igneous rock formed through the crystallization of molten lava (magma) in the continental crust. The geological name for Black Galaxy Granite is Gabbric Anorthosite but has also been dubbed Star Galaxy or Ongole Galaxy.

The unique translucent 3-dimensional appearance of Black Galaxy Granite is identified by the ebony/charcoal colored background permeated with numerous dazzling crystals of ferrous rich Enstatine, (Bronzite), which sparkle as the stone is viewed from varying angles.

Although a stone’s integrity is not affected by visible veins, it is graded lower the higher the vein content. Rarer pieces will have white clouds running through the piece. The depth of the query from which the granite was extracted in addition to its petrographical composition determines the extent of the natural surface pitting. The polished surface reveals the sparkling gemstone crystals of Bronzite which create glittering gold fleck patterns. The varying sizes of these brilliant reflectors determine the three different grades of Black Galaxy granite.

Black Galaxy easily polishes to a lustrous, crystalline glow making it an ideal selection for counter-tops. Aesthetically pleasing with the allure of a shimmering high polish, it elegantly compliments cabinetry, floor surfaces, hardware and fixtures.

A moderately hard stone, 4.5 on the Moh’s scale, granite is the perfect choice for interior applications especially for work spaces where there is heavy traffic necessitating hard wearing properties such as being resistant to scratches and heat. Being relatively strong, impervious to staining and easily cleaned, Black Galaxy granite holds up well to the demands of a kitchen.

Most chemicals found in a home will not penetrate Black Galaxy granite however a poultice of baking soda and water works well should an oil-based stain appear. If dealing with an organic stain such as coffee, a solution of hydrogen peroxide mixed with a few drops of ammonia ought to do the trick.

This hard wearing yet sophisticated surface ages well creating a lasting work-surface with character. The temples of India are testament to its durability and longevity. If lost temples of India and hallways of Egyptian tombs hewn from granite have remained intact for centuries, Black Galaxy granite can easily handle the tortures of today’s kitchen and work-space counters.

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