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The Many Uses Of Granite

Since humans have had the ability to build and construct things of beauty, granite has been the medium of choice, if you wanted something to last. Whether you were building a decorative statue or you needed a durable counter top; granite has always been the answer.

Granite is a naturally occurring igneous rock, found in many places in the world. Igneous rocks are formed when minerals are melted deep beneath the Earth’s surface and this liquid rock is mixed in different ways. When the liquid rock mixture makes its way back to the surface it cools. The type of rock create by this process determines what type of igneous rock is formed.

In order to be considered granite the igneous rock must contain at least twenty percent quartz. The feldspar in the granite determines its color, either grey or slightly pink. Because of its durability granite usually exists in large chunks within the Earth’s surface and must be mined.

Granite has been used by man as a building material since it was discovered. Because of its make-up this rock can be polished and hold a shine for years. When used it needs to be cut and carved into the desired design.

There is nothing more wonderful to look at than a granite garden statue or other outdoor ornamentation. This substance is perfect for any construction that will be exposed to the weather, as its durability can stand up to everything that Mother Nature has to offer.

Do not think that granite can only be used for ornamentation, because as a building material there is nothing that can touch what this rock has to offer. No rusting, or sealing, or maintenance is required when you build with granite. Imagine something so low maintenance that you can forget it forever.

All that is required is an occasional cleaning or pressure washing, and you are done. Granite could be the perfect building material, however because of its durability and beauty granite comes in on the high end of the price range, but it never has to be replaced. This fact alone makes it more cost effective than other types of building materials.

Let’s not forget where most of us have seen granite used in homes and that is with the counter tops. Since this stone is non-porous you never have to worry about destroying your counter tops again. Nothing can penetrate this stone and nothing short of a jack hammer can destroy it either.

Whether you are remodeling your home or this build is new construction, nothing comes close to the durability and beautify of granite. When you are making building material decisions, do not over look the possibility of putting this stone into your dwelling someway. Granite is always the correct way to go.

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