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Pros and Cons of White Granite Worktops

At all times, the countertop of your kitchen may end up playing roles like hot pad, cutting board, desk, office, food preparation surface, headquarters for hindquarters and a snack bar. For all these purposes, you require a surface which is durable, easy to use, and attractive. It is always important to weigh your options carefully when remodelling these worktops. Pros only install top notch worktops. However, you need to feel and look for complementary material that can match. When choosing worktops, use some of the guidelines below to make sure that you choose the right material.

  1. You should expect to spend close to fifteen percent of your kitchen budget for remodelling on installation and countertops. If you end up paying disproportionately less or more, you might end up with tops which do not fit the feel and look of the whole kitchen.
  2. You should also consider installing one colour worktop type. Serious cooks may require including a small section of chopping wood. For instance, bakers may take into account a marble section for rolling dough. The use of a unique colour top on the island than using it in the other parts of the kitchen will help in differentiating interests and workspaces.
  3. Engineering stone countertops and solid surfaces are very homogenous and uniform. The items you see in the showrooms is what you will get in the kitchen. Many people usually like this certainty.
  4. Trends and colours will come and go, but a good percentage of these countertops will stay intact for up to twenty years. Think wisely before selecting the brightly coloured worktops.

White Granite Worktops

Some time back, granite worktops were rare to find. However, today, due to greater availability and fabricators in the market, granites tops have become more affordable and prevalent. Granite comes in different colours. The sinks can undergo under mounting, and an assortment of edgings can be made. Since every single piece is inimitable, you might need to make a visit to the fabricator for choosing the desired kitchen slabs. You can quickly notice seams in granite. Although hot grease has the capability of staining unsealed tops, granite needs minimal maintenance. When installing, you might incur up to USD125.

White granite worktops

Marble and soapstone tops can also be found among most top granite fabricators. These two products are a bit soft and require more upkeep because they are susceptible to scratches and stains. However, if you are willing to pay more for maintenance, you can choose these viable and unique-looking alternatives.



Pros of White Granite Worktops

Boundless Compatibility

White granite countertops are complimentary in nature. White countertops marry with any other colour and therefore will suit your aesthetic preferences and needs regardless of whether you want a stack contrast or a subtle flow in the midst of dark cabinets and white granites. White countertops come in a vast array of shades which makes them work well with all kitchen design types.As a matter of fact, white will remain a colour of high style and fashion. Even though white countertops are regarded as the countertops of choice, they can easily be incorporated in the modern designs of kitchens as well as pairing them with darker wood cabinets for striking and contemporary looks.

They Provide an Ideal Surface for Food Preparation

Granite worktops are not vulnerable to scratches and are heat resistant for making them very ideal for kitchens. You can place hot pans or even cut something directly on the countertop without risking damaging their surfaces. These surfaces are very sanitary as they do not harbor mold growth or bacteria. You can easily maintain them because all you need is just wiping their surfaces with a dampened cloth with a mixture of warm water plus a mild detergent.

They Increase the Value of The Home.

You are free to view this point from any angle, but the fact remains that homes which have kitchens fitted with granite countertops will sell faster and at greater profits. Therefore, installing granite countertops in the kitchen will enhance both the loveliness and practicality of space, but will also enhance the timeless appeal and add value to your home.

They are Strong and Resistant to Wear

Granite is among the hardest natural stones that are incredibly strong for making durable surfaces that are not likely to get scratches from scraping, cutting and any other everyday kitchen activity. However, when sealed properly, granite remains stain-resistant and responds to ordinary wear and tear quite well.

Notably, white granite possesses an advantage over other granite types as it conceals blemishes and imperfections. In general, white colours will show less wear and tear when you compare them with darker colours, most likely when the white colour has patterns of intricate colouring and veining flecks. Small flaws on the surface, watermarks, fingerprints, and dust are visible on the white granite countertops.

Spacious and Bright Surroundings.

The clean and sophisticated appearance of the white countertops makes the room to look lighter and bigger. Naturally, experts would prefer white granite countertops for small kitchens because they give this little area a more spacious and a brighter look.  Bright colours make room to feel airy and open, setting a welcoming and fresh atmosphere.

However, even if your kitchen is large, consider including the white granite countertops for helping in expanding the feel and the look of the surroundings. If the cabinets and floors are dark, the room may look stuffy and closed until when you introduce the white granite worktops.

Stunning Beauty

White colour countertops have many colour shadings that range from cream, ivory white, and brilliant snow colours. These countertops brighten up the kitchen making it feel more inviting and charming. While the granite composition makes it impossible to construct pure granite white slabs, the beauty of these worktops lies in the variations and flecks which add warmth and character to the décor of your kitchen. The striking contrasts and subtle differences make these granites to look stylish and luxurious in any kitchen. The quality of the material you use maters very much and you can find high-quality supplies of granite from  The company delivers high quality granite products at an affordable price.



Cons of White Granite Worktops


Just like every other granite, the white granite is hard to install, heavy, and a bit expensive. Additionally, all slabs are quite different from each other regarding pattern and colour. This fact makes your granites not to have a uniform and consistent look. Below are some of the reasons to take into account when dealing with the white worktops.

  1. White granites are relatively porous and require regular sealing because they are quite hard to seal and you need to put in more care.
  2. Various white worktops contain iron which can rust or oxidize when in wet locations.
  3. A stain is always visible on a white surface, and this makes the maintenance of the white granite to become quite involved when compared to other granites.


White granite worktops come in many shades of white like ambrosia white, icy white, solar white, spring white, and much more. All you need to do is just to select. With its sophisticated and clean look, white has proven to be the colour of choice for most kitchens. Granites are considered as the most stylish and practical countertop material in the market. It is, therefore, natural for white granites to look remarkably contemporary in many home kitchens.



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