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    Supplying Essex and Kent with premium high quality granite and quartz worktops.
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    As a family run business with over 17 years experience, we ensure our worktops are filled to the highest standard, but have a finished design to complete any household.

Luxurious and stylish premium Granite and Quartz worktops

When it comes to quality, SPM Granite understands the importance of getting it right for each client.
As a leading supplier of granite and quartz worktops, you are guaranteed to receive a service that stands out. We have been operating since 2006 and during that time we have created a service that takes care of your every need.

Whether you are redesigning your kitchen and are looking for high-quality worktops or looking to improve the look of your bar tops, outside BBQ area or bathroom, we are confident that we can deliver flawless granite or quartz worktops that really make an impact. With a 0% deposit available and a service that covers the whole of Essex and Kent, we are here to make it as simple as possible to find a worktop that will elevate the appearance of your home.
Luxurious Kitchen in Beautiful Home


At SPM Granite, we template your new worktop, make it for you and then fit it — we take care of everything.


We only use full size slabs of granite and quartz from local suppliers. Our manufacturing workshop in Herne Bay, Kent is home to our 4 stonemasons.


We don't take any deposit from you upfront. You only pay upon the completion of your project.


We have the highest quality granite and quartz in our workshop, but we also ensure we have a range of cheap granite worktops available.


7-10 DAYS
We offer this quick turnaround time because we understand you can’t be without your kitchen for long.

Granite Worktops

Granite is a smooth, resilient, naturally occurring rock. This worktop material is formed from cooling magma, and cut into large slabs full of unique patterns and natural veining. We have been working with local granite suppliers and developing our worktop manufacturing process for over a decade, offering the most beautiful worktops and also a variety of cheap granite worktops too. We focus on creating high-quality worktops that highlight the unique beauty of this natural material. Granite is an easy to maintain worktop. It’s scratch and heat resistant qualities make it perfect for withstanding everyday use.
Granite worktops

Quartz Worktops

Made from natural quartz, various minerals, dyes, and extremely hard resin — quartz is a durable and extremely attractive material for kitchen worktops. We currently have over 12 different brands of quartz supplied to our workshop, with a multitude of different colours, textures and costs. The extensive range of colours, from vibrant and neutral shades to natural looking patterns is what attracts so many to this man-made material. A quartz kitchen worktop can be as strong and durable as a granite worktop, while being as cost effective as some of the cheap granite worktops available. Find out more about the benefits of our quartz kitchen worktops.
Quartz worktops


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Quartz Kitchen counter

It’s all about the process

We focus on providing a seamless service from start to finish.
As a family run business, we are involved in every stage of the process, ensuring we pay attention to detail throughout. Our approach is to guide our clients through the process of selecting worktops that fit their needs and then handling the supply and installation of their beautiful worktops and this is what sets SPM Granite apart. Throughout the experience, our passion for worktops and meeting the expectations of clients is the reason why people put their trust in us. It’s more than just supplying and installing worktops. For us, it’s about providing a complete service that leaves each client feeling as though they have received a first-class experience that captures everything that SPM Granite is about. All of our products are manufactured here in the UK and can be supplied and fitted within 7 to 10 days. We are high-end designers and


Installing Granite or Quartz worktops is about understanding the process and that’s where our expertise sets us apart.
We utilise a combination of hand tools and modern machines during the manufacturing process and that guarantees that your worktop is exquisitely finished and ready for installation. From templating to manufacturing and installing your worktops, everything is done right, leaving you with a luxurious worktop that will stand the test of time.

Our team will handle the installation process from start to finish. We’ll install your worktop with precision ensuring it is secured in place while our workmanship and craftsmanship guarantee the perfect finish.

Our work

Lumina stone - Leigh-on-sea, Essex

Lumina stone

Leigh-on-sea, Essex
Grey Mirror Worktops - Benfleet, Essex

Grey Mirror Worktops

Benfleet, Essex
Grey Galaxy Worktops - Benfleet, Essex

Grey Galaxy Worktops

Benfleet, Essex
Full Bullnose Carrara - Brentwood, Essex

Full Bullnose Carrara

Brentwood, Essex
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Off cuts

If you are looking for a Granite or Quartz worktop for smaller spaces then we have off-cuts that could help you to save money but also have the worktops you want.
All of our off-cuts are left over from previous jobs but they still consist of quality and beauty. They are ideal for vanity tops, outside BBQ areas and even fireplaces, while you might want to enhance your table tops or coffee tables. If you are searching for a simple yet effective way of finding the perfect Granite or Quartz surface, then our off-cuts might give you everything you are looking for.

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