SPM Granite is a family business established in 2006

SPM Granite is a family business established in 2006; with over 10 years experience we have been trusted by many to source the highest quality new and replacement kitchen worktops.We specialise in crafting the best quartz and granite worktops. With one of our worktops your kitchen will really make your home.

When they aren’t overseeing the high-quality work process, they’re assisting customers and working as part of the craftsman team.That’s why SPM Granite is unique. Our family is passionate about creating high quality worktops, not just running a business.

You’ll find Stephen taking orders and helping customers choose material from our workshop; where we have a high-quality collection of kitchen worktops in Essex. His attention to detail enables him to personally create the templates and deal with the intricacies of the design.


We specialise in sourcing, manufacturing and supplying high-quality granite and quartz worktops in the UK.

Whether we’re carefully crafting a personal kitchen worktop, bathroom vanity or fireplace for your home; or working with kitchen fitters and home developers for a large project, we put in the utmost care.


Family run

SPM Granite is a longstanding family run business. That means that you’re supporting a small, local business when we install your kitchen worktop. We are genuinely passionate about offering a high-quality personal service.

0% Deposit

You won’t pay us a penny until your worktop is finished to an impeccable standard and installed into your kitchen. We’re that confident in our craftsmanship and high-quality service. Whether it’s simple replacement kitchen worktops, or an unusual complex design, we offer each customer our 0% deposit scheme.

Best of British

We only use full size slabs of granite and quartz from local suppliers. Our manufacturing workshop in Benfleet, Essex is home to our 4 stonemasons. We pride ourselves on offering the best customer service when guiding you around our workshop where your kitchen worktop will be crafted.

Wide selection of materials

We offer a wide selection of materials to suit every style of kitchen and every budget. We have the highest quality granite and quartz in our workshop, but we also ensure we have a range of cheap granite worktops available. We want to make sure that having the perfect kitchen worktop is affordable.

7 – 10 Days

That’s the time it takes for us to craft your chosen worktop from the templates. We offer this quick turnaround time because we understand you can’t be without your kitchen for long. We are experts at crafting worktops to the highest degree of accuracy in a quick and efficient time.

Whether you have any questions

Would like to discuss your replacement kitchen worktop needs, or arrange to visit our workshop, it will be our pleasure to help.Submit a no obligation enquiry so we can assist you further.



SPM Granite is a family business established in 2006
  • Thank you so much for your excellent service. Your boys were brilliant and the work top looks fab – not the easiest to fit due to the rather unflat old odd shaped walls we have in our house and they did a great job. Will certainly recommend you to people

    Mrs Ridley
  • I would highly recommend SPM Granite for a good job and clean workmanship

    Mr & Mrs Warner
  • We think the bench looks wonderful and thank you so much for all your help We would gladly recommend your company to others.

    Mrs Hoskins


Granite and Quartz Worktops: Sussex, Surrey and Essex


Granite is a smooth, resilient, naturally occurring rock. This worktop material is formed from cooling magma, and cut into large slabs full of unique patterns and natural veining.We have been working with local granite suppliers and developing our worktop manufacturing process for over a decade, offering the most beautiful worktops and also a variety of cheap granite worktops too.We focus on creating high-quality worktops that highlight the unique beauty of this natural material.Granite is an easy to maintain worktop. It’s scratch and heat resistant qualities make it perfect for withstanding everyday use.



Made from natural quartz, various minerals, dyes, and extremely hard resin; quartz is a durable and extremely attractive material for kitchen worktops.We currently have over 12 different brands of quartz supplied to our workshop, with a multitude of different colours, textures and costs.The extensive range of colours; from vibrant and neutral shades to natural looking patterns is what attracts so many to this man-made material.A quartz kitchen worktop can be as strong and durable as a granite worktop, while being as cost effective as some of the cheap granite worktopsavailable.Find out more about the benefits of our quartz kitchen worktops.


Spm Granite family business with highest quality products


    Spm Granite family business with highest quality products

    Pros and Cons of White Granite Worktops

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    Granite Worktops

    SPM Granite Worktops Jointing Process

    Below are some pictures of Classic Quartz Calcatta in the middle of our jointing process also our manufacturing team will work out the best possible way to match the vain/pattern of the slabs joining together.


    Spm Granite family business with highest quality products